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Do I need a reservation for my dog for overnight boarding or doggy daycare?
Yes, you do need a reservation for overnight boarding and doggy daycare. Follow this link (petzu.propetware.com) to register and request a reservation.
Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered?
Yes, because our facility is a home away from home environment and will be in frequent interaction with other dogs, we require that all dogs over one year be spayed or neutered.
My Dog is Aggressive toward other dogs or people, can they still come to Petzu?
No. Petzu offers a more open (supervised) environment where your dog has roaming access to other dogs and our staff consisting of both males and females. If your dog is aggressive toward other dogs or people, we are not a good fit for your loved one. This is for the safety of our guests and staff and we hope you understand. If your dog has FOOD aggression please contact us as we can often mitigate this particular circumstance.
What vaccinations are required?
Rabies • DHLP • Bordetella
Do You Have Breed Restrictions?
Yes. We know all breeds have the potential to be sweet and loving companions, however, due to the nature of our environment, we do have breed restrictions at our facility. These breeds include but are not limited to the following: Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, German Shepard, Rottweiler, and Great Dane.
What does my dog eat at Petzu?
Because so many doggies have allergies or sensitive stomachs, we believe that it is best to keep our friends eating their own food and treats that you provide. This alleviates any problems that would be caused by a sudden change in their diets. However, should your doggie run out of food, we stock a high quality dog food.
Why do you not have longer office hours?
By limiting our time in the office it allows for more focused activities and playtime with your loved ones in order to provide the best possible care.
What should I bring for overnight boarding?
We can provide an elevated dog bed and blankets for our guests as it suits their needs. You are welcome to bring their own blanket, a special toy or two (no rawhide or antlers please), food and treats. It is best if items can be labeled. If you bring a food or treat container, please put the pet name on the container for easy identification.
Do you have cameras? Can I watch my dog from my computer?
At this time, we have cameras that we monitor remotely but we do not have cameras set up to be accessed by the public. This is for the security and privacy of our staff and our guests.
How do I see my dog or know what they are doing if you don’t have public cameras?
We have personal contact with pet parents through texts, emails, etc. and we utilize social media as well for sharing special moments
Why is my dog tired and possibly thirsty when they return from Petzu?
We strive to keep your loved one busy and happy while you are away. We have full days of inside and outside play and social time, so it is not unusual for a pet to be tired for several days after their stay with us. Fresh water is always readily available at Petzu, but it is not unusual for a pet to drink extra water when they return home due to the excitement of the fun time that they have had and their excitement to be back at home.
How are the dogs separated during playtime?
Each day is different in the doggy daycare / boarding business.We will access our list of visitors each day and determine what is the best way to divide up play areas. As a small facility with personal attention for each dog, we will determine daily who we believe your dog can play with. We base this on several factors, including size, age, play style and more. It is because of this that we cannot invite dogs that have shown any aggressive tendencies into our facility.
Where do the dogs sleep?
Each guest will retire to their own open top, cottage style den for the night.It is safer to have them accounted for at night and it also gives all our guests the privacy that they need for a good nights’ rest after a busy, fun-filled day!
Do you have crates or enclosures available if my dog would not do well in an open top space?
Yes, we have standard wire crates of various sizes as well as high security/durability enclosures for those doggies that feel more comfortable in such a space or for those that like to jump.
Are there days that you will not have drop-offs or pickups?
Yes, the guests staying with us will continue to receive the utmost care but we will not have drop offs and pick ups on major holidays to include Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Year’s Day.
How old must my dog be to stay at Petzu either for overnight boarding or daycare?
They must be four months old and have all their required vaccinations.
Can I or another person visit my dog while at your facility?
At this time we cannot accomodate visits by yourself, friends or family. For the comfort of all our guests we try to keep interruptions to the pack dynamics to a mimimum. This allows us to provide the best care possible for your loved one. We try to provide all doggy parents frequent updates so that you can always rest assured that they are having a great time on their visit to Petzu.
Do you have boarding services for cats?
We do not currently have the ability to accomodate cats.